Wedding bands and engagement rings can cost you some good amount of money. The sellers of wedding bands especially the best and uniquely customized pieces will charge you every dime they possibly can. For you, you will need to take good care of the jewelry piece because of the value it holds. You can care for your wedding band in the following ways:

  1. Insurance

People mistake insurance for cars and houses. This is a misconception for many people and as one of them, you should guarantee security of every little item you buy. Besides the sentimental value from your wedding band, there is the monetary value that should be protected.

There are policies to cover your valuables and the wedding band or other jewelry should be covered. Understand the scope of the insurable costs to know when you will get compensation and when you will not. Take the best cover and keep your wedding band throughout all the tough situations.

A home security system and laser inscription systems can be a good security measure. When insuring with a security company or an insurance company, the description of the wedding band will go a long way in recovery in case of theft.

  1. Revisit your jeweler

Checking the integrity of the band’s prongs and professional cleaning will be done by your jeweler. In case of wedding bands with inlays, loosely attached inlays can be reaffixed to ensure their longevity. Repairs, polishing and re-plating of your wedding band will be done by the jeweler and freely if still under warranty.

  1. Clean your wedding band

Most often, men’s wedding bands are made with masculine colors and recently trends have seen an increase in black or grey wedding bands. Despite this coloration, you should clean your wedding band regularly. This rids the ring of dirt, oils and lotions. Follow the jeweler’s advice on the best solutions to clean your wedding band.

  1. Don’t expose the ring to chemicals

Your contact with harsh chemicals could and will damage your wedding band. The chemicals erode the metal making it dull. Therefore, you shouldn’t wear the wedding band when in contact with such chemicals. You should note that even exposure to the dish washer for long affects your band.

  1. Avoid accidental loss of wedding bands

Some activities make your finger susceptible to shrinking and the band could slip off. Some of the situations or activities include swimming. The cold water shrinks your fingers and the band may slip off. If you think that this could happen, then you should get it off before getting in the water. Surfing needs precaution unless the ring is very tight.

  1. Safe storage

Storage of jewelry should be organized. You may consider having a pouch to keep the wedding band especially when you have other jewelry. Keeping it with your chain or watch may make it scratchy and it could lose its value and lustre with time.

In conclusion, you can lose your wedding band at any time to any event including theft or accidents. Therefore, you should keep it safe. For the ring to last long in good condition, get it serviced and cleaned regularly just the same way you care for your car.


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