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Blood test for HSV 2 simply very useful for those who need treatment to cure HSV 2 or well known as genital herpes. Some symptoms may show someone is infected, yet some invisible symptoms may occur without showing any blisters. Therefore, somehow people never realize they already infected with this herpes yet actually the virus is already in there. Testing over HSV 2 helps confirming whether someone is infected by HSV 2 or not in order to design any treatment or how to reduce transmission risk up to 25% to the sex partner. The blood test looks for the response of body immune instead of detecting the virus.

Blood test for Herpes


Someone wearing medical gloves holding a syringe with blood

Someone wearing medical gloves holding a syringe with blood

Testing a person infected by herpes can be seen in how the immune system responds towards the development of IgG and IgM antibodies fight the virus. However, IgM test has possibility to be inaccurate to some test results where it appears only in blood test up to only a third of people during recurrences while IgG is the first antibody emerges just after the infection but will be gone thereon. IgM blood test is unfortunately unable distinguish the type of herpes someone may have, even for some cases for those who already received HSV 1 antibody, the HSV 2 positive test result is sometimes mistaken. Blood test for HSV 2 using the IgM test also possibly reacts to other viruses of the same family that misleads the positive result.

The Correct Blood Test

Correct Blood Test update

The answer for accurate HSV 2 is IgG which can break down the type of herpes type either it is HSV-1 or HSV-2. Nevertheless, there are weaknesses to face using the IgG test that it takes time for the antibody reaching the detectable extent which practically different to each person. It may take up to few weeks or months. Getting the accurate test result of the test, you need to wait about 12 to 16 weeks from the exposure time before taking the blood test for HSV 2 so it gives time to antibody reach the detectable levels.

Since the blood test takes money and time, some considerations should be counted into the reason why you need to take the blood test. The considerations may because of your uncertainty identifying of HSV s is happening or not and reducing the risk of the virus to sex partner. If you are sure that you are in need to do it, then you can to take the blood test for HSV 2 for better treatment or cure towards the herpes.

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