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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is a United States register 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit company that promotes the area of anti-aging medicine and to train and approve medical professionals in this specialty. In 2011, about 26,000 professionals actually been provided certificate. However, the field of anti-aging medicine is not identified by the established medical organizations, such as the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABM) and the American Medical Organization (AMA).

In addition to expert certification, the Academy consists of lobby activities, education and community learning, and public relations as well. The A4M was founded in 1993 by osteopathic physicians, and also now been extended to 26,000 participants from 110 countries. Companies Enrollers a number of conferences, such as the annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine.

Many of the anti-aging approach recommended by the Academy has wide support among experts in the field, such as exercise and a healthy diet regimen, but others, such as hormone therapy body, does not have the help of a bigger deal of medical environments. Many scientists studying aging distanced themselves from claims A4M, and doubt had charged the team to use deceptive advertising and marketing to offer expensive items and also inadequate.

On the other hand, the Academy sees itself as acting in science, explained that it was basing suggestions on major scientific research, as well as stating that the ideas of the challenge A4M practice. The owner of the clinic and also merchants who advertise the products through the company has actually been linked with a number of conflicts and legal experts as well.

The American Academy of Antiaging Medicine is devoted to the advancement of technology to identify, protect and deal with the maturity of related conditions and to ensure the proper study into methods to slow down and optimize the human aging procedures. The American Academy of Antiaging Medicine is dedicated to physician’s additional enlightening, researchers, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, innovation abuse, as well as anti-aging issues.

The A4M is comprised of more than 26,000 participants from 120 countries around the world, as follows:

3% are government officials, participants of the press to function and also the general public.
12% are researchers, scientists, and health professionals; and
85% of our membership is physicians (MD, DO, MBBS).

This is an advertising model health dodgy scientific research as well as research to prolong the healthy and balanced life in humans. Thus, anti-aging and regenerative medicine is also based on the principles of audio and accountable care that is consistent with those applied in other preventive health specialized variety. The goal of anti-aging and regenerative medicine is not only prolong the total years of life but to ensure that the years were enjoyed in an efficient manner and also important.

The World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAAM) was established in 1995 and trademarked in August 2001. This was the first international body primarily developed to combine and coordinate the cooperation between the organizations at the national level are involved in the progressive advancement of preventive medicine. WAAAM is the only authorized worldwide as well as educational affiliation to the European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (ESAAM).


The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Inc. (“A4M”) is a charitable organization committed to the advancement of clinical technology to find, protect, as well as treating maturity-related diseases as well as to ensure the approach to the study to inhibit as well as optimize the human aging process. A4M is also intended to inform doctors, researchers, and also participants from the public amid fears of anti-aging.

American Academy of Antiaging Medicine think that the disruption associated with typical aging brought about by a physiological disorder in many cases ameliorable for clinical treatment, so that the human life span can be increased, and also the high quality of life that one is encouraged as one has chronologically older. A4M seeking to share information about innovative scientific research and studies in addition to a treatment technique that was developed to extend the life of human beings.

Anti-aging medicine is based on scientific principles of responsible constant treatment with people from a variety of other health care specialized. Although American Academy of Antiaging Medicine seeks to distribute details about any kind of clinical care, it does not advertise or endorse any neither specific treatment nor market or back office types of food products.

Future Drugs Helping Many people are looking for Youthful

Objectives of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has developed the organization really has been debated for some medical professionals do not agree with the use of hormones to help maintain the feel and look younger. Nonetheless, wises Dr. Moss Health was established to make use of organic drugs derived from plants to help people conserve energy and live skin. As medical professionals think about plastic surgery and weight loss, they think the future of medicine is based on minimizing the aging body and mind. The American Academy of Antiaging Medicine promote Perfect for managing human aging:

How’s Nonprofit Supporting the Future of Medicine?

ResearcharganTo continues to be alive as long as possible.
Constant mental stimulation.
A4M suggest that many people consume water that is not dangerous, taking antioxidant supplements and hormone therapy used by the body.
Preserving an active life during the holidays.
Exercise routine to shed or maintain weight.
Eating a healthy diet of natural foods.
Avoid physical and mental tension.
Do not smoke or make use of a compound that is unlawful.

As a charitable enterprise, scientists researching new types of treatments like stem cell therapy and nanotechnology to understand how this could stop or minimize the aging in humans.


Objectives & Core Activities

American Academy of Antiaging Medicine objectives
Assist in establishing restorative procedures as well as cutting-edge analysis tools to help medical professionals and healthcare professionals in implementing reliable longevity medicine. Serves as an information center for valid and reliable clinical method of anti-aging.

Provide continuing medical education and training for more than 65,000 medical professionals, health and wellness experts, and scientists in dozens of clinical conference that occurred in the United States and in places around the world, in anti-aging and regenerative clinical sciences. Giving details about the many life-extending benefits of anti-aging therapy for sports medical professionals and also wellness practitionersRunning-Exercise-dubai-charity-A4M-prevention drug-drug anti-aging newyou-regenerative-integrative medicine.

Assist in the financing and promotion is also important anti-aging, medical research-based. Assistance in obtaining and also distribute funds for scientific and research astute in anti-aging treatment. Help licensures and freedom of doctors to treat and prescribe life-saving medical treatment. Outreach, education, and learning, and advocacy for anti-aging medicine in government and public arena.

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