what is kills BV bacteria
What kills BV bacteria can be the real question for women with this kind of health condition. As we know, BV bacteria condition or also known as Bacterial Vaginosis can be defined as a kind of inflammation occurs in the vaginal area. The condition is triggered by the overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria in the vaginal area. As the result, the bacteria overgrowth is disturbing the vaginal bacteria’s natural balance. The women with this condition will feel the sense of discomfort in their vaginal area. The discomfort feeling is followed by the itchy feeling inside the vaginal area and also the foul smell coming from the vaginal area. Usually, this kind of condition is not considered as severe condition because it can go away on its own only in several days. However, cervicitis treatment  the condition can also lead the sufferer to more serious conditions such as cervical cancer, severe vaginal inflammation, and so on. That is why we need to know what kills BV bacteria. Below are several treatments that can be used to kill the bacteria.

1. Home Remedy

Choice of Home Remedies for BV
When a woman gets attack by this condition, she can do this home remedy to stop the bacteria overgrowth in her vaginal area. This home remedy is definitely recommended because it is all natural and safe. All you have to do is drinking yogurt that contains lactobacillus acidophilus. This “good” bacteria is usually found in yogurt and it can efficiently cure bacterial vaginosis. However, be careful in choosing the yogurt because, in some yogurt, lactobacillus acidophilus is not in there, instead it contains dairy lactobacillus bacteria that is not capable of curing bacterial vaginosis condition.

2. Medicines

Medicines bv update
There are a lot of medicines that can be used to treat this kind of vaginal condition. One of them is called Clindamycin. This kind of medicine is in the form of the cream. To use the cream, all you have to do is inserting the cream into the infected vagina. The medicine is efficient enough to cure the condition. However, there are side effects of using this kind of cream medicine to cure the bacteria inflammation and one of them is that when you use this medicine, you cannot have sex with condoms because the cream can weaken the condoms. This medicine has to be taken regularly and constantly to get rid of the vaginal condition but this medicine is definitely one of the answers of what kills BV bacteria.

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