Cervicitis Treatment

We might already know the three common women health problems, which are Thrichomoniasis, Bacterial Vaginitis, and yeast infections. Yet, there are other problems that also happen in women, one of it is Cervicitis. Cervicitis is the infection happen in cervix or the neck of women’s uterus. The cause of this health problem varies. It can be triggered by allergies, injury to the cervix, sexually transmitted disease, birth control devices, and also infections.



Before taking any Cervicitis treatment, you need to notice some symptoms may occur. At first stage, you may experience vaginal discharge. The next thing happen may be itching, irritation, vaginal bleeding, burn sensation while urination, and even pain during sexual intercourse. Unpleasant vaginal odor may happen at the same time with vaginal discharge. Well, what we need to think is about the infections. If you do are not aware of those symptoms, you need to be careful, since the infections can also affect to other organs. Thus, you might experience nausea, fever, and also abdominal pain.

The Treatment

Cervicitis treatment

Cervicitis treatment can be done by giving antibiotics. Well,over the counter treatment  the medications itself depend on the cause of your Cervicitis, different cause will have different medication. Besides antibiotics, antiviral agents are also becoming a way to treat Cervicitis. If you are too late to treat Cervicitis, it may lead you to another problem, for instance infertility, cervical cancer, spontaneous abortion, or inflammatory disease. It can also harm you when delivering a baby.

You need treatment especially if the cause is sexually transmitted infections. If you are pregnant, the herpes treatment is not only done for you, but for your baby as well. Anti-fungal and anti-viral medications are also given besides the antibiotic pills. Doctor may suggest your partner to be treated as well, since everyone cannot guarantee you cannot be infected again. This treatment also becomes important if you are HIV positive, since cervicitis can increase the number of HIV viruses as well.

Heat Therapy to Laser Treatment

Heat Therapy to Laser

Besides taking antibiotic pills, surgery also become a way for Cervicitis treatment. This is done if the antibiotic does not work well. Doctor will give you heat or freeze therapy to the inflamed area of the cervix. Laser treatment can also be done to treat the infected part of your cervix. Unfortunately, surgery can cause side effects to you. Cervical stenosis and also cervical incompetence are two of common effect of the surgery. This can lead you to the premature birth.

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