BV Treatment over the Counter

Today, we find out that there are at least three common vaginal infections that people suffer. We have yeast infections, Thrichomoniasis, and also Bacterial Vaginosis that we are going to discuss today. These diseases experienced by women in all ages. The cause also varies. It can be from sexual activities, bacteria, and even inside factors like hormone. Those three diseases have quite same symptoms. Thus, whenever you find that your vagina gets itching, irritation, or discharge, you might need to see doctors.

Cause and Symptoms

Cause and Symptoms bv over the counterWell, one of those diseases we explore today is BV { home remedis for bv } which stands for Bacterial Vaginosis. BV treatment over the counter can be done besides treatment from doctors. BV itself is mostly experienced by women in ages 15 to 44. This disease happens because of the normal bacterial in vagina is upset. There are common things that trigger this health problem, for instance vaginal douching, antibiotic, birth control devices, cigarette smoking, and also new sexual partners.

Women who suffer from this may do not feel any symptoms. Yet, they will feel the condition of vaginal discharge and vaginal odor. These two conditions mostly happen after having sexual intercourse. Every woman has different amount of vaginal discharge. Thus, you need to consider your own normal condition and should be aware whenever find abnormal condition of vaginal discharge. Well, this disease is not contagious. Mind about your own condition, many partners of sexual intercourse and some causes above can make Bacterial Vaginosis is getting worse.


Treatment bv over the counterProbiotics is used to have a BV treatment over the counter. Yet, this way does not show quite good result and improvement to cure Bacterial Vaginosis. People find that the over the counter treatment is not as effective as they think before. Though there are many home treatments that you can do, it is not proven yet to effectively cure the disease.

When you have this disease while in pregnancy, or you find out that the disease is getting worse, you need to see doctors. Besides BV treatment over the counter, we also have antibiotics treatment from doctor that can prevent you from other complications. The common medicines you will have are Cleocin which is cream for vaginal treatment; the second is Tindamax which an antibiotic which have less effect than the other products, the last is Flagyl and also Metrogel which have more side effects than Tindamax. The last medication is known as the most effective one, but be careful of further side effect like yeast infections.