Keeping the ideal weight is difficult.  As a woman you know that being too skinny is very unhealthy as well as not appealing.  But you don’t want to start eating more and gain weight on your waist and thighs right? So how do you gain weight in the “right” places?

Who Am I

Well, first of let me tell you a little about me. I have a background in women’s fitness.  I have worked with women on helping them get rid of excess belly fat as well as eating the right foods.

My wife has also been trying to lose weight but maintain her figure recently.  So we decided to work together and figure out exactly what foods she needs to eat (and what foods she needs to avoid) as well as what exercises she needs to do to achieve her goal.

More of the Same

And now you want to know what those steps are right? Well here it is: Eat good foods, do exercise. I know I know, it’s the same old thing everyone has been telling you right?  But it’s really the truth.  We didn’t discover any magical new method for being healthy.

But that really isn’t fair, I know.  You need to know exactly what exercises to do and what foods to eat.  Those specifics can make a huge difference.  Also, you need to test. Not everyone’s body reacts the same to the same exercises.  Also different foods sometimes make a big difference on where your body will store the fat.

The Specific Stuff

Ok so now let’s jump into some of the research we found.  Below are three resources that will help you:

This article gives you 6 steps on how to gain weight in the right places.  If you are struggling with weight gain then you can learn a lot here. Below is a summary:

Eat lean proteins such as chicken and turkey. Replace your calories from saturated fats with healthy fats such as avocados and egg yolks. Do resistance training and drink a protein shake after exercise. Get enough sleep (at least 7 to 8 hours).

This article shows a few tips on how to increase your breast size.  These are exercises.

Bellow is a summary:


Do short reps of pushups everyday. Do the overhead press with light dumbbells and short reps. Do the fly lift with light dumbbells.  Do the wall press.

This infographic is a compilation of a few resources meant to be a quick and easy way to remember all the steps to follow.  It covers 4 exercises to do as well as 4 changes to your diet.


Following these diets and exercises has really helped my wife.  After the first couple weeks she felt much better.  It took about 3 more weeks to start seeing the difference.  After working with a few other women I know that some take more time but many can start to see an improvement within the first couple weeks.

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