How to Prevent BV After Period
Bacterial Vaginosis or simply called BV is not a sexually transmitted disease, but intercourse is one of the possible triggers. BV also does not happen due to your period, but it is true that the symptoms appear during and after your period. Since the symptoms after a period are usually more severe, you have to know how to prevent BV after a period. To answer this question, you need to know the basics.

Antibiotic is Not the Best Solution

A lot of people know that BV is a kind of infection, but actually, it is not. It is a bacterial imbalance in your vagina. Doctors possibly recommend you to take antibiotics. It may work since the antibiotics will kill the bacteria like BV is a kind of infection. In fact, what you need to do is turning the condition into balance. It is the most common mistake, namely, you kill both good and bad bacteria. So, it can be prevented only if you can preserve the balance in your vagina.

Balance Control is the Key

So, keys of how to prevent BV after a period is by to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria. When the prevention is not done after a period, you will experience a bad smell that is triggered by acidic and menstrual blood. Together with semen, they will alkalize your vagina, enabling the bad bacteria to grow for a time.

How to Prevent BV after Period in Simple Ways?

Prevent BV After Period
Bacterial vaginosis possibly appears again without a specific reason. For that reason, the prevention is highly required. Since the key is by preserving the balance between good and bad bacteria, prevention has to be done throughout the time. First, you have to avoid pushing water into your vagina as douching. For your information, you vagina actually does not need specific cleaning. Cleaning may only trigger the good bacteria for being killed after your period. How to prevent BV after a period can also be conducted by not adding bath oils, perfumed bubble bath, scented soaps, shampoos and so forth to your bath water. Similarly, these kinds of bath oils disrupt the balance since the good bacteria are possibly killed.

When you want to wash your underwear, avoid using strong detergents since they can be harmful to good bacteria when you wear them. Last, you should not too frequently wash around the vagina and vulva. Once a day has been enough. All in all, how to prevent BV after period lies on the preserving balance of good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics may not be required on these methods.


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