Is Over the Counter Cream for Bacterial Vag
Over the counter cream for Bacterial Vag is relatively new as treatment for BV. Usually, the treatment is apparently successful is by taking antibiotics. So, what should you choose when you happen to experience Bacterial Vaginosis? As we know, it has been affecting thousand women of childbearing age. The symptoms are usually fishy smelling discharge. Some other women experience burning, itching, as well redness. However, a lot of women may have misunderstanding about BV and the symptoms are becoming worse. Consequently, the treatment either over-the-counter cream or antibiotics may not be well understood.

About Over the Counter Cream for Bacterial Vag

Bacterial Vaginosis can be treated in several ways, but the most common treatment is antibiotics. As previously mentioned, over the counter cream has not been used for a long time. You may think that doctor only recommends antibiotics, but the fact says that over the counter cream for bacterial vag can recommended by a doctor.
It means that it is relatively safe to take over the counter cream, not to mention, your own doctor recommends it. However, the effectiveness of over the counter cream is still unknown. Some patients of BV have used this cream and it really works but others may not. Over the counter cream is suggested but it cannot be decided if antibiotics or over the counter cream is more effective to treat bacterial vag.

How Over-the-Counter Cream Works?

Antibiotics work by killing the bacteria inside the vagina, but over the counter works differently. Over the counter cream is one of the pH correction treatments for BV. It works by returning the pH balance. To use this cream, you are supposed to apply the cream inside of your vagina. The pH balance in the vagina is hoped to be balance after the use of this cream.

Why Over-the-Counter Cream is Recommended

Cream for Bacterial Vag
When antibiotics have been proven for its effectiveness in treating BV, over the counter cream is also recommended by doctor. Since it works by applying to the vagina, the side effects are barely zero. Meanwhile, antibiotics are widely known for their side effects. A lot of women who experience the side effects will be recommended using over the counter cream. In most cases, this cream is a lot safe than antibiotics.
The last decision is still yours. Since there is not clear information about which one is more effective, you can take antibiotics with full awareness that they have side effects or over the counter cream for bacterial vag that has not been proven for its effectiveness but it has no side effects.

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