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Living with HSV 2 is long life. Besides, more people are currently suffering from this disease. Scientists then try to invent a HSV 2 vaccine cure so that the infection can be recovered. Lately, a new research has been conducted to find a drug that can be a hope for medication genital herpes or HSV 2. The belief that HSV 2 cannot be healed seems to disappear. As the sufferers can be healed, the potential of infection can be minimized. However, is it true?

HSV 2 Vaccine Findings

HSV 2 Vaccine Findings 2015
The findings are based on 156 patients involved. The drugs that were used are pritelivir. It is the first in new class of drugs that are not yet found before and work differently than the existing medications for HSV 2. Hopefully, pretilivir effectively prevents the virus transmission.
HSV 2 vaccine cure is not yet on sight, but Dr. Richard Whitley, an expert in infectious disease from University of Alabama, said that the decrease was dramatic. However, more research is still required. Now, the findings are the first developments upon the era of healing HSV 2.
The findings of drugs that can prevent us of HSV 2 are a new era. However, anyone cannot hope more about HSV 2 vaccine cure since until now, there is not yet official statement from research or experts that say HSV 2 can be cured through vaccine. The best hope is the sufferers reduce the existing symptoms by taking medications.

HSV 2 Treatment

Even though HSV vaccine cure now does not exist, there is always a hope. However, we need to face the reality now that it cannot be cured yet. Once someone is infected by this virus, HSV 2 will hide out in the nerve cells and periodically reactivates. It is not rare the symptoms appear, but sometimes, they do not. Until now, the treatment for HSV 2 is by taking medication to suppress the outbreaks. Some medications that are sufficiently effective include acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir.

HSV 2 Vaccine Cure is Not Yet to Come

HSV 2 Vaccine Cure is Not Yet to Come
More researches are being conducted to find how HSV 2 can be treated as well as the prevention. It has been so many people infected from this virus, and they have to experience the symptoms. The fact that they cannot be cured now with any vaccine and HSV 2 cannot be just left untreated; medications become the best way to suppress the occurring symptoms.
HSV 2 vaccine cure is not yet to come. Hopes will be the only thing the sufferers have for now.

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