Over the Counter Treatment for BV
Talking about women’s health problem, we might be informed of the three common vaginal infections that women suffer, which are yeast infections and also BV or Bacterial Vaginosis. These two diseases have quite same symptoms and cause. You will feel itchy and also burn sensations as the first feeling for having these disease.
BV itself is caused by the unbalance amount of bacteria in the vagina. While yeast infections are sometimes caused by the effect that people get after taking BV medications. Well, you can have two kinds of medication, the first is doctor medication and the second one is over the counter treatment for BV. Before taking any medication for bv, there are some things you need to notice about this disease.

What to Notice

what is Bacterial Vaginitis
Bacterial Vaginitis mostly occurs after having sexual intercourse. Yet, there are other causes that can trigger this problem, for instance, cigarettes and also birth control devices. Whenever you find out that you have vaginal discharge and also vaginal odor, you need to be aware. If this problem is not gone after days, see doctors, since BV sometimes can be associated to another worse disease.

Home Treatment

Home Treatment for bv
We have one way to do over the counter treatment for BV. People say that Lactobacillus probiotics can work to get rid of Bacterial Vaginitis. The acid in this probiotic will balance the bacterial in your vagina. Well, you can use this pill in two ways, consume it or used as suppositories for outside treatment. Take one pill every night for at least 12 nights, and your Bacterial Vaginosis will be gone. If you do not find some improvements or your disease is getting worse, see doctors get other medications.

What Doctors Do

what doctor info about bv

what doctor about bv

If over the counter treatment for BV does not work well with you, see doctors immediately. They give you a prescription for taking some of these antibiotics. There are three popular medications that doctor give. The first one is Flagyl and Metrogel which are famous as the most effective way to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis. Yeast vaginitis may happen as the side effects of taking this medication. Number two medication is taking Cleocin cream to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis. The last we have been taking Tindamax. The last pill might become the alternative rather than taking Flagyl. Tindamax is believed as the medication which has fewer side effects than Metrogel and Flagyl. BV can lead to other complications if you do not get rid of it immediately.

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