Four Natural Pain Relief for Shingles

get Natural Pain Relief for Shingles
When red rash begins to appear in the face and neck due to viral infection, it will be the time for you to have pain relief for shingles. Pain relief is the antidote to the pain you experience due to the shingles triggered by varicella zoster. Chicken pox will come and the virus will stay in your body. Shingles triggering pain will appear again if you get stressed or ill. So, the pain relief is highly required. Here are some natural treatments you have to relieve the pain.

Antiviral Medication

When you have shingles, you will be likely prescribed antiviral medication to relieve the pain. It is very powerful to shorten the shingles duration as well as to reduce the existing symptoms. Hopefully, you will feel relieved. Antiviral medication can be taken with medication, but you can have it alone every time the shingles appear on your body.

Cool Water

It is a fun time to take a bath in cool water as pain relief for shingles. Yes, the cool water is apparently helpful. You just need to soak your body in cool water for several minutes. After that, get your skin dry thoroughly. However, make sure that the water is not too cold since the pain is becoming worse in water with low temperature.
As precautions, you had better you a towel with hot water. The towel that has contacted to your skin may transmit the varicella zoster virus. Despite the low risk, it is a lot better as prevention.

Wet Compress as Pain Relief for Shingles

Similar to cool water, wet compress also works to reduce the irritation and pain. To do this, you just need to soak a cloth or towel in cool water. Get the water out by wringing and then use the compress to the rash for several minutes.
The towel that contacts to your rash is not recommended to use again. If you want to use it again, you have to wash the towel first as prevention.

Healing Bath

Natural Pain Relief
Another pain relief for shingles that you try is a healing bath. Here, you are supposed to take a bath in colloidal oatmeal. You can get this at a lot of drugstores as an over-the-counter medication. While you are taking a bath, be sure that the water is warm. Preferring hot water may trigger the rash for worsening. Besides, this over-the-counter product needs to be alert to when you are going to use it. You have to read the instruction. After taking a bath, you can thoroughly dry your skin. The towel also has to be washed and disinfected.
Pain relief for shingles should not be merely medication. When something easy can be done, it is much better and safer for you to try them.

The Best Medication for Period Pain

medication for period pain
The medication for period pain must be sought by every woman in this world. As we know, during the period, many women often experience horrible pain in their stomach area. Yes, during the three to five days of the period, the nonstop pain can drive many women crazy. That is why many women become incredibly sensitive during their period and it is because they have to endure the pain not only for several hours but for several days. The pain that women feel during period feels like cramp. So, what is actually the period pain and what is the medication for period pain? Below are the explanations.

1. What is Period Pain?

what is Period Pain
Medically, period pain or period cramp can be defined as the cramping pain occurs in the lower section of the stomach. This kind of pain can happen before and during the menstruation. For some women, the pain is not severe so that they can deal with it easily. However, for many women, the pain they feel in their stomach during their period is killing them. This condition, however, is actually normal and happens to any women across the world. This condition cannot lead to serious conditions as well. However, if the pain you feel during period is really bad, you need to know the medication like below.

2. The Medication

Medication pain
There is no medication for period pain, actually. However, there are always pain relievers for the pain. Before taking the pain relievers, it is better to take the home remedies first. The home remedies for BV that we can take to ease the pain during menstruation. One of the easiest ways to ease the pain is by applying heat to your lower stomach area. The heat will ease the pain and make you feel comfortable. To do that, you can simply apply hot patch to your lower stomach. Beside applying heat, you can also soothe the pain by consuming warm food or beverage such as hot chicken soup or hot ginger tea.

If those methods do not work, you need to take the pain relievers and one of them is ibuprofen. This can be found in medicine such as Motrin IB and Advil. Beside of that, you can also take Aleve because it has naproxen sodium that can ease the pain of menstruation. You can take them before your period start to prevent the bad cramping pain during the period. However, for safer usage, it is better to consult to doctor first before taking those pain relievers as your medication for period pain.

can BV cause pain??

Can BV cause pain? Well, that question must cross your mind quite often, right? Yes, as a woman, we need to concern about our personal hygiene. It is because many horrible diseases can happen in our personal area or our vaginal area. One of those horrible diseases or horrible conditions is BV bacteria. BV bacteria or Bacterial Vaginosis condition is a vaginal area inflammation that is caused by the overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria in the vaginal area. The bacteria overgrowth causes disturbance in the vaginal bacteria’s natural balance. As the result, women with this condition will feel the sense of discomfort in their vaginal area. However, does it hurt? Can BV cause pain? The answer to that question depends on how severe the condition is. If it is only mild inflammation, it probably does not hurt. However, if it is severe, it can cause a lot of pains because this condition can lead to these serious conditions below.

1. Premature Birth

Premature Birth baby
If this condition happens to a pregnant woman, there is a huge possibility that she is going to experience premature delivery. It can be very dangerous for both the mother and the baby because in premature delivery, the baby is still on the stage of developing and there can be still some organs or body parts that are not fully developed. It can also lead to the condition of low birth weight baby. It can be catastrophic for the baby to have low weight.

2. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections
There are a lot of horrible diseases or infections that can be transmitted sexually and worsen by the existence of the bacterial vaginosis conditions such as HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. That is why you need to be really careful to have sex when you have this condition because say for example you have this bacterial vaginosis condition and your partner has herpes. The existence of the bacterial vaginosis in your body increases the possibility of the herpes virus from your partner to attack you.

3. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
This kind of disease is an inflammation or infection happens in your uterus. This condition can be triggered by the bacterial vaginosis and the pelvic inflammatory disease is very dangerous because it can result in infertility. So, when you ask can BV cause pain? The answer is really a yes because as you can read above, the condition leads to many serious medical conditions including this pelvic inflammatory disease.