The cultivation of cotton and its manufacture into textile has been one of the biggest milestones of human civilization, changing the very way they clothed themselves. Cotton has been used since the prehistoric times; among its earliest use was in the Indus Valley civilization dating back to around 5000 BCE. The use of this versatile material received a major boost with the cost of production becoming substantially lower with the invention of ginning and weaving equipment. Even today in the 21sdt century, it remains among the world’s most popular clothing materials. This is because it is extremely versatile and possesses a great many positive attributes. A quick look at this wonder textile:

High Breathability

Cotton is unique because it has the ability to breathe – this means that it can absorb sweat that human bodies produce in copious quantities and helps it to evaporate through a wicking mechanism. This ensures that the skin is not perpetually bathed in sweat thus discouraging the growth of yeast and bacteria. This is the prime reason why it is the fabric of choice in diverse applications right from underwear to fitness wear and sleepwear. Cotton’s breathability ensures that our skin remains cool and dry even in the warmest and most humid of climates.

Resistant To Odor Development

When out in the real world you come across a variety of odors and so do your clothes. Cotton clothes have the advantage of being able to release all the odors it is exposed to far more easily than other textiles. Usually, a good wash and air-drying are sufficient for it to smell completely clean. Cotton fabrics are also hypoallergenic so there is no chance of rashes forming and hence, they are ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Cotton Clothes Look Good, Feel Better

Cotton clothes have been creating waves in the fashion industry for years because both designers and customers love the way it looks and feels on the skin. Cotton is naturally white, and it can be dyed in myriad colors that can be used to create dramatic ensembles. Recently, one of the top fashion designers unveiled her latest saree collection, all in cotton. Since there is no buildup of static electricity on cotton fabrics, the clothes do not ever cling to the body curves and be the cause of potential embarrassment. So if you favor clothes that drape well and never cling, cotton is a natural choice.

Among the greatest advantages of cotton is that it never feels stiff – it is naturally soft to the touch and does not abrade the skin or cause any sort of discomfort even when worn for long periods of time. It doesn’t take a genius to tell why despite so many fabrics that are known to mankind, cotton remains the universal choice for undergarments and sleepwear, where comfort is the sole criteria.

Extremely Durable

There is little sense in purchasing clothes that do not last. As far as fabrics go, cotton is among the most durable textiles known to man. It can stand repeated washing and drying without any adverse effect at all. When cotton is dyed properly, the colors do not fade for a very long time. Mothers find clothes made out of cotton ideal for active children not only because of the comfort factor but also because they can take a lot of beating – one wash and they are as good as new again. Even adults will vouch for the longevity of jeans, which are nothing but heavy-duty cotton.

No Concern about Piling

Unlike wool or many synthetic fibers, cotton does not have the problem of piling. Pills are extremely small but unsightly tangled balls of fiber that are produced when the fabric undergoes sustained abrasion. Once formed, it is impossible to remove pills from the surface of the cloth and in a little while the clothes become so unsightly that they are long longer fit to be worn. Cotton does not have this problem because any pills that are formed are shed automatically when the clothes are washed.


Cotton is extremely environment-friendly being completely biodegradable, unlike most synthetic fibers. An agricultural produce, it is a renewable resource too. A lot many people also prefer to wear clothes manufactured from organic cotton as their way of preserving the earth’s natural resources.

Author bio: Raghav Mittal is a fashion designer who loves to experiment with fabrics. His latest saree collection, magical creations in cotton is available on