Appropriate Blood Tests for HSV 1 and 2

try Blood Tests for HSV 1 and 2

Blood tests for HSV 1 and 2 are helpful for those who are infected by the virus in which do not show any visible symptoms. The blood test help those urgently need accurate diagnose of the herpes and the type for better treatment and medication. Disease caused by the HSV infection itself considered as common case in United States for both HSV 1 and 2. Although HSV-1 seems harmless than HSV-2, it enables to increase the possibility of genital infections. However, if you can recognize the symptoms well without any visible blisters on certain areas such as mouth or genital, taking the blood test is still recommended since it can make sure the assumption.

Blood test options

Blood test options for everyone
HSV 1 infection disease has higher percentage than HSV 2. HSV 1 which is common people may say oral herpes occurs around the area of mouth opens wider chances for people spreading the virus without noticing since the symptoms of visible blister or cold sore may show up later by kissing for example. Fortunately, both IgM and IgG blood tests can help to diagnose HSV 1 but to know the accurate and obvious test result; IgG brings more benefit to help the blood tests for HSV 1 and 2 since it is able to differentiate the herpes type.
HSV 2 transmits largely to your sex partner and increase in risk for a mother who is giving birth. This herpes can influence the health of the newborn baby. For this herpes type, IgG blood test sounds more promising and beneficial. For mother who often feel uncomfortable or sudden feeling she cannot recognize, if you know some herpes symptoms, it is recommended to take the blood test.

How Would The Blood Tests for HSV 1 and 2 Taken Appropriately?

How Would The Blood Tests for HSV 1 and 2 informaton
The IgG blood test takes longer time to make the IgG antibody react upon the infection; it will take up to 3 months. IgM blood test provides immediate result yet it also can be inaccurate especially distinguishing the herpes types. The result after all cannot tell when, how, or who infects the virus, so you need to prepare that the result will not be able to explain those points. On top of that, generally the blood tests for HSV 1 and 2 will be appropriately taken by those who want to have medical checkup over the reoccurrence of herpes or want to reduce transmission chances.

Impact of herpes transmission brings harms to others particularly the loved ones, thus spending some efforts on diagnosing, treatment, or herpes medication will be worthy.

Accurate Blood test for HSV 2

get Blood test for HSV 2
Blood test for HSV 2 simply very useful for those who need treatment to cure HSV 2 or well known as genital herpes. Some symptoms may show someone is infected, yet some invisible symptoms may occur without showing any blisters. Therefore, somehow people never realize they already infected with this herpes yet actually the virus is already in there. Testing over HSV 2 helps confirming whether someone is infected by HSV 2 or not in order to design any treatment or how to reduce transmission risk up to 25% to the sex partner. The blood test looks for the response of body immune instead of detecting the virus.

Blood test for Herpes


Someone wearing medical gloves holding a syringe with blood

Someone wearing medical gloves holding a syringe with blood

Testing a person infected by herpes can be seen in how the immune system responds towards the development of IgG and IgM antibodies fight the virus. However, IgM test has possibility to be inaccurate to some test results where it appears only in blood test up to only a third of people during recurrences while IgG is the first antibody emerges just after the infection but will be gone thereon. IgM blood test is unfortunately unable distinguish the type of herpes someone may have, even for some cases for those who already received HSV 1 antibody, the HSV 2 positive test result is sometimes mistaken. Blood test for HSV 2 using the IgM test also possibly reacts to other viruses of the same family that misleads the positive result.

The Correct Blood Test

Correct Blood Test update

The answer for accurate HSV 2 is IgG which can break down the type of herpes type either it is HSV-1 or HSV-2. Nevertheless, there are weaknesses to face using the IgG test that it takes time for the antibody reaching the detectable extent which practically different to each person. It may take up to few weeks or months. Getting the accurate test result of the test, you need to wait about 12 to 16 weeks from the exposure time before taking the blood test for HSV 2 so it gives time to antibody reach the detectable levels.

Since the blood test takes money and time, some considerations should be counted into the reason why you need to take the blood test. The considerations may because of your uncertainty identifying of HSV s is happening or not and reducing the risk of the virus to sex partner. If you are sure that you are in need to do it, then you can to take the blood test for HSV 2 for better treatment or cure towards the herpes.

STD symptoms and treatment

STD symptoms and treatment vary, depending on type. STD itself is sexually transmitted diseases so they consist more than one disease. It can be Chlamydia, chancroid, gonorrhea, syphilis until HIV. Each one has different symptoms so that its treatment is also different. The following information will be about the occurring symptoms and the possible treatment a sufferer needs.

Most Common Symptoms Possible to Occur

Common Symptoms clinicanoesis
Each people who get infected may not experience symptoms but he/she is already infected. When the symptoms come, generally, each type of STD has similarities.
The most noticeable symptom is rash. It can be found in the genitals and is usually associated with itchiness and burning. They can be indicated for further symptoms like blisters, sores and welts in genital area. Having these symptoms can be annoying and embarrassing.

There are some other common STD symptoms and treatment is required. It is urination or some kind of burning sensation when urination. Besides, urethral lining is also common for some types of STD. It may cause inflammation that triggers burning sensation or difficult urination.

When those symptoms come, the diagnosis is easier. However, there are two symptoms: tenderness or swelling of the genitals that are difficult to decide if it indicates for STD or not. Swelling and tenderness may be triggered by a lot of reasons. Usually, whether they are STD symptoms and treatment can also be decided, finding the common symptoms will be helpful for diagnosis.

After Knowing STD Symptoms and Treatment is Required

After Knowing STD Symptoms and Treatment
Even though there are some similarities for STDs symptoms, the treatment is usually distinct. Here are some types of STDs with their possible treatment.
Chancroid and Chlamydia are common STDs and they can be treated through antibiotics. Doctor consultation is required before deciding to take medication to anticipate the possible side effects. Gonorrhea is treatable with antibiotics. However, a lot of strains become resistant to the most antibiotics. When granuloma inguinale appear as one of the STD symptoms and treatment is possibly with antibiotics, but it is only during three or more weeks. It can be concluded that STDs caused by bacteria are commonly treatable with antibiotics.

For STDs that are caused by virus, antibiotics may not work. Genital warts, for instance, can be treated with painting or freezing the warts by medication. Vaccines are suggested to use to prevent others from this infection. HIV is still untreatable, but some medications are available to slow down the progression of the disease and prevent use from chronic condition.
STD symptoms and treatment are equally important to know. When someone is suspected or risk of getting infected, prevention is highly required as well the diagnosis before the treatment is given.

Tips for Dating with HSV 2

Dating with HSV 2?
Dating with HSV 2? Is it possible? A lot of people with HSV 2 may have the same question, but coming further, one thing should be clear that having genital herpes is not a hindrance for someone to have fun, including sex. It will distract from a lot of desirable qualities. Besides, HSV 2 is not a weird problem. A lot of people, even around 20% of the US population have HSV. So, there is nothing more to be sad, shy or even down due to the situation. To deal with HSV 2, let’s see this information.

Begin the Topic around Genital Herpes

Begin the Topic around Genital Herpes
HSV 2 seems to be embarrassing matter for some people. However, dating is everyone needs. When someone wants to get sexually intimate, telling about HSV 2 may not be a wise decision. There is something that has to be explained immediately, but having HSV 2 needs to be explained in the right time.
Dating with HSV 2 does not mean you should keep the secret all along. The point is both have to be clear and understand that one of you has HSV 2 before having sex. Besides, waiting for the time about to have sex is not a good decision so it will be much better to be honest before having sex.

Dating with HSV 2 and Protecting Partner

Dating with HSV 2 and Protecting Partner
As both are clear about HSV 2 and seem to have sex, what to do next is protecting the partner. Do not let the partner have HSV 2, too. So, to have a safe sex, sufferer needs to be sure that he/she does not have an outbreak. Sex has to be avoided when outbreak is coming, so wait patiently until the sores are healed.
Besides, safe dating with HSV 2 requires the use of a latex condom. Condom will protect the couple from the infection of HSV 2. It is also important to minimize the risk of spread by using Valtrex regularly.

How to Deal with Rejection

How to Deal with Rejection
It is not every day that dating with HSV 2 can be conducted without rejection. So, rejection is still possible and everyone has to be prepared for that.
When he/she with whom someone is dating says “I just want to be friends” subsequently telling about the condition with HSV 2, being down or desperate has not meaning. He/she has found the way out from that and the expression shows that it is a good excuse. However, never feel worthless with anyone who humiliates for the condition. He/she is not worthy.
Anyone with HSV 2 can still have a chance to get a sweetheart. Dating with HSV 2 does not always end with rejection. There must be someone out there that can accept wholeheartedly.

Is There A Cure for HSV 2?

Is There A Cure for HSV 2
Is there a cure for HSV 2? This question may be the most common question for those who will face hard times with it, especially when, as far as we know that once virus infects, there is no cure. So, to start with it, you need to know what actually HSV 2 is.

Brief Explanation of HSV-2

HSV 1 and HSV 2 are two types of Herpes simplex viruses that well known as herpes. Each of them infects different areas more specifically. HSV-1 infects the areas of mouth and lips which also called as oral herpes and HSV-2 infects genital areas, rectum, or areas near waist which is also known as genital herpes. Unfortunately, according to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HSV-2 is such a common disease which about 16 percent of American has this infection.

HSV-2 Potential Danger

HSV-2 Potential Danger
HSV-2 infection causes the sores pain around genitals or rectum. However, the hsv 2 symptoms appear unnoticed so the early knowledge of this virus infection is urgently needed. Although it gets only blisters with itchy sensation, it can be dangerous in some special cases. Naming one of them, genital herpes can infect newborn baby. Without really asking, is there a cure for HSV 2? The worst might happen over genital herpes of giving birth mother is newborn baby inflammation through the delivery.

Cure for HSV-2

Knowing the bad effect caused by HSV-2, people wondering about the cure they need. There are still medications which can be taken daily although people believe that any disease caused by virus does not have any cure such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir. So, is there a cure for HSV 2? The answer is still no, those medications are only able to treat symptoms well and reduce the severity not to cure the herpes. The sooner you understand the symptoms of HSV-2 happen to you, you need to take action by taking medication, relieving the symptoms, and taking such antibacterial remedy. The herpes will happen eventually yet it less pain and has shorter outbreak period. There are some researchers doing their best to get the cure for the herpes, yet it still needs time.

Preventing ourselves from this kind of “no cure” disease puts us into options to be more careful with body contact to those who have it by instead of keep asking is there a cure for HSV 2, moreover, virus spreads easier than you can imagine.

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