HSV 2 Treatment Over the Counter Really Effective
HSV 2 treatment over the counter is a treatment that is usually in the form of medication but not based on a doctor’s prescription. It becomes alternative way for someone with HSV 2 who wants to suppress the symptoms during the outbreak. Indeed, until now, HSV 2 cannot be cured and the one who should be blame for this is unknown. The best hope for sufferers is dealing with symptoms. When medication from a doctor seems ineffective, over the counter can be taken into account.

HSV 2 Treatment over the Counter – Is it Effective?

For those looking for an alternative way to treat HSV 2, there have ever the counter medicines available in the marketplace. Many of them claim that the medicines are the most powerful ones as HSV 2 antidote and will get rid of herpes virus most effectively.

effective HSV 2 Treatment over the CounterTo know whether HSV 2 treatment over the counter is effective or not, it cannot be simply decided by successful claim. It depends on several factors. First, it depends on the current state of the sufferer. The worse state will make the healing process takes longer time and the medicines are likely less effective.
The damage caused by the virus infection is also influential. All in all, the effectiveness is subjective. The successful claims of HSV 2 treatment of the counter needs to take into account the condition of the sufferer.

Over the Counter Medicines for HSV 2

Over the Counter Medicines for HSV 2Even though the effectively may be different from one and another, there are a lot of people who have tried over the counter medicines. One of them is H-Balm. It can be used for both HSV 1 and HSV 2. It is made of lemon balm and Mellisa that are believed to be powerful for decreasing the length of an outbreak. Besides, H-Balm is capable of reducing and decreasing the likelihood of future flare-ups.

Another alternative of HSV 2 treatment over the counter is tetrasil. It is quite popular as HSV 2 treatment. It is capable of giving comfort and functioning as pain relief and healing. This medicine is made of tetroxide and tetrasilver. It works by releasing pathogens. Then, they will be converted into pathogenic oxygen. As a result, the viral agents can be eradicated by this pathogenic oxygen. After the viral agents are entirely killed, the genital warts can be cured. At least, that is the claim.

The downside of HSV 2 treatment over the counter is the side effects. Thus, taking them for a long period is not suggested. For safety, a doctor prescription is more suggested rather than over the counter medicines.

HSV 2 Symptoms
The fact that Herpes is the most common sexually transmitted infections, both men and women should be aware of its symptoms. As widely known, it is caused by two similar viruses, HSV 1 and HSV 2. The later is mostly caused by sexual contact and will cause genital herpes. Even though the symptoms in women are more prone than men, understanding HSV 2 symptoms in men is equally important for early detection of this infection. To know about its symptoms, let’s see this following information.

How to Recognize HSV 2 Symptoms?

Recognize HSV 2 Symptoms
From its definition, HSV 2 or Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 is usually transmitted through sexual contact. So, the symptoms will usually appear on the genital organs. Men usually experience sores, but the symptoms are possibly mild so that they are difficulty recognized. Consequently, they become unnoticed or mistakenly recognized as insect bites or other skin conditions.

To avoid this mistake, the real symptoms have to be understood. HSV 2 symptoms in men will begin to develop within three up to seven days after contact with infected person. The symptoms only appear on the genital organ in the form of small blisters. This blister is usually merely 1 up to 3 millimeters in size. While the blisters develop, they will be in group into crops. Blisters will occur first, and then after they are opened, they will form into ulcers.

Where to Find HSV 2 Symptoms in Men?

Find HSV 2 Symptoms in men
To be sure that a man experiences HSV 2, he needs to know where the specific location where the symptom will appear. The genital herpes sores or lesions will commonly occur on or around penis. So, if men feel that they just have done sexual contact with infections person and after two or three days the sores appear on or around their penis, the sores are possibly the symptoms of HSV 2. However, blisters or ulcers can also be found in and around the anus.

How Long the Symptoms Will Be and What is Next?

How Long the Symptoms
HSV 2 symptoms in men will last for around two until four weeks. During this period, there will be two outbreaks. The first one is the most painful. During the first episode, men experience muscle aches, fever, severe headaches, and swollen.After that, there is later outbreak that enables men to experience pain or tingling sensation where blisters or ulcers occur. This condition is triggered by inflammation and irritation of nerves.
After HSV 2 symptoms in men do appear and the initial outbreak finally happens, an immediate medical attention is highly required to get further treatment. It is a lot better to get medical attention during first few days of the outbreak.

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