Over the Counter Cure for Bacterial Vag new
Bacterial vag or in a longer term, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a condition where the vagina is in the abnormal state that is characterized by vaginal discharge. It may not be dangerous, but the occurring symptoms can be disturbing. There are a lot of treatments claimed to heal it and over the counter cure for bacterial vag is claimed to be equally effective to doctor-prescription medicine. Is that true? To know more about it, let’s take a look at the following information.

Why Over the Counter Cure for Bacterial Vag Might be Required?

The use of antibiotics is commonly prescribed by a doctor to cure bacterial Vag. However, it has side effects, so that further treatment might be needed.
However, the treatment may not end unsuccessfully. The doctor will give another prescription when knowing that the first course does not work. There is another treatment, namely Vaginal pH correction treatment. This program is relatively new to heal bacterial Vag. It is Virginal PH correction treatment that requires using a gel to get inside the vagina which changes the acid balance. Mostly, the treatments use over the counter cure for bacterial vag.

How Effective over the Counter Treatment is?

As this treatment does not use doctor prescription, it is not clear that they will be effective to heal bacteria vag. Some people have proven that pH correction treatments are effective, but some other never recommend these treatments being chosen for treating bacterial vag due to ineffectiveness.

Proven Effective Treatments for Bacterial Vag

Over the Counter Cure for Bacterial Vag Proven

As treatment of BV is recommended, prescriptions medications are suggested. There are two kinds: clindamycin and metronidazole. Clindamycin is in the form of a cream. It is applied by inserting the cream into the vagina before sleeping at night for seven days. It cannot be utilized with latex condoms since the condom is a risk of breaking. Mouth-taken clindamycin is also available with 300 mg twice a day for a week. Over the counter cure for bacterial vag, on the other hand, does not have the definite prescription so it is not suggested.

Metronidazole is in the form of gel and claimed to be the most effective by treatment. It is applied by inserting it to the vagina before going to sleep at night for five days. However, pills metronidazole is also available and can be taken twice @500 mg per day for a week.
Both clindamycin and metronidazole provide pills, but taking them as pills has side effects. So, using them by applying to the genitals is more recommended. Unlike over the counter cure for bacterial vag that does not have doctor prescription, clindamycin and metronidazole are suggested to apply for BV sufferers.

How to Get Rid of BV in 3 Days Safely

How to get rid of BV in 3 days

How to get rid of BV in 3 days? Well, all of women with BV may have the same question. The faster and more effective BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) are treated; the better will be since women will gain their confidence. A lot information can be easily found in internet related to BV, but seemingly, there is barely enough source that tells the exact way to get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis within three days. Here, a safe and quick way will be delivered at glance before you practice yourself.

3-Day Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

BV is actually a condition in vagina where there is imbalance between good and bad bacteria. This imbalances cause vaginal odor and strong vaginal discharge. If a woman is sexually active, she will be at higher risk of getting Bacterial Vaginosis more easily.

How to get rid of BV in 3 days in this article will be about the safe way. As there are a lot of bv medications out of there claimed to be able to remove BV fast, women should know that medications are not always fast for treatment and safe at the same time. Natural treatment, on the other hand, is the safest way to get rid of BV within three days without worrying about the side effects.

Key of How to Get Rid of BV in Three Days

Key of How to Get Rid of BV in Three DaysThe focus of this method is to fix the imbalance of the vagina so that the over-growth of bad bacteria (that kills the good bacteria) can be avoided. The safest way is by the use of home remedies as they are natural and its safety is guaranteed for its existence.

As the key of how to get rid of BV in three days is the use of natural remedies, one of the examples is the use of apple cider vinegar. It can be used for taking bath and sufficiently effective in removing Bacterial vaginosis. Garlic can be used as remedy as well.

Besides, folic acid can be included into natural treatment for BV. A lot of women have proven its effectiveness. Tea tree oil is also applicable. It has been all along utilized as an antiseptic and natural antifungal home remedy that will be effectively cure Bacterial vaginosis. Women also drip their tee tree oil into a tampon directly. Then, insert this remedy into the vagina for 30 minutes per day. Within 3 days, BV will be cured.
That is how to get rid of BV in 3 days. If there is a method that is completely safe and effective, it is no use applying a treatment that might be less or ineffective.

Over the Counter Medicine to Treat Bacterial Infection
Over the counter medicine to treat bacterial infection is now available in many drugstores. The prices are varied, depending on the brands. It may be in the form of creams or tablets. Usually, over the counter (OTC) medicine can be taken without doctor prescription. Simply get it, and read the fact sheet, OTC is claimed to be effective for bacterial infection treatment. Why should be OTC herpes medicine, instead of doctor prescribed medicine? Is it really effective and safe?

Successful Claims of OTC Medicine to Treat Bacterial Infection

OTC Medicine to Treat Bacterial Infection best

Basically, the use of OTC medicine is relatively new. Unlike doctor prescribed medicine that only cure the std symptoms temporarily, OTC medicine is claimed to be able to cure them for good. The symptoms, however, will appear again someday. The conventional treatment from doctor prescription only lowers the bacterial count or suppresses the symptoms, but not cure them completely. When the medicine intake is stopped, the symptoms are possible to appear.

However, over the counter medicine to treat bacterial infection works by curing the symptoms completely. In other words, you completely recover. Indeed, the use of medications like antibiotics has side effects. For instance, antibiotics like metronidazole that is commonly used to bacterial infection treatment. It can be taken within 5-7 days and even is good for pregnant and breast-feeding women. However, some side effects may appear such as vomiting, nausea and also slight metallic taste. Here, doctor plays a very important role to control the side effects and avoid them for becoming severe.

How Safe OTC Medicine for Bacterial Infection Treatment?

Not all bacteria are dangerous, but antibiotics kill both good and bad ones. The normal pH in vagina then can be disrupted. However, over the counter medicine to treat bacterial infection is different.
This kind of OTC medicine is called vagina pH correction. It is in the form of gel that has to be applied into the vagina. It only gets rid of the bad bacteria. Despite the claim, there is not clinical prove that it is really effective. Until now, it can be decided whether antibiotics or OTC medicine is more effective.

One thing is that, OTC medicine cannot be taken without a definite diagnosis. Someone may be sure that she has bacterial infection, but the diagnosis cannot be done on your own. Laboratory testing and examination are required before someone decides to use OTC medicine. All of these are required for safety.
Hence, over the counter medicine to treat bacterial infection is not always recommended when there is not a definite diagnosis from a specialist. Doctor then is still required to decide whether someone really has a bacterial infection or not. To decide the best treatment, doctor and patient may discuss the best one for a safe and effective treatment.

what is kills BV bacteria
What kills BV bacteria can be the real question for women with this kind of health condition. As we know, BV bacteria condition or also known as Bacterial Vaginosis can be defined as a kind of inflammation occurs in the vaginal area. The condition is triggered by the overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria in the vaginal area. As the result, the bacteria overgrowth is disturbing the vaginal bacteria’s natural balance. The women with this condition will feel the sense of discomfort in their vaginal area. The discomfort feeling is followed by the itchy feeling inside the vaginal area and also the foul smell coming from the vaginal area. Usually, this kind of condition is not considered as severe condition because it can go away on its own only in several days. However, cervicitis treatment  the condition can also lead the sufferer to more serious conditions such as cervical cancer, severe vaginal inflammation, and so on. That is why we need to know what kills BV bacteria. Below are several treatments that can be used to kill the bacteria.

1. Home Remedy

Choice of Home Remedies for BV
When a woman gets attack by this condition, she can do this home remedy to stop the bacteria overgrowth in her vaginal area. This home remedy is definitely recommended because it is all natural and safe. All you have to do is drinking yogurt that contains lactobacillus acidophilus. This “good” bacteria is usually found in yogurt and it can efficiently cure bacterial vaginosis. However, be careful in choosing the yogurt because, in some yogurt, lactobacillus acidophilus is not in there, instead it contains dairy lactobacillus bacteria that is not capable of curing bacterial vaginosis condition.

2. Medicines

Medicines bv update
There are a lot of medicines that can be used to treat this kind of vaginal condition. One of them is called Clindamycin. This kind of medicine is in the form of the cream. To use the cream, all you have to do is inserting the cream into the infected vagina. The medicine is efficient enough to cure the condition. However, there are side effects of using this kind of cream medicine to cure the bacteria inflammation and one of them is that when you use this medicine, you cannot have sex with condoms because the cream can weaken the condoms. This medicine has to be taken regularly and constantly to get rid of the vaginal condition but this medicine is definitely one of the answers of what kills BV bacteria.