medication for period pain
The medication for period pain must be sought by every woman in this world. As we know, during the period, many women often experience horrible pain in their stomach area. Yes, during the three to five days of the period, the nonstop pain can drive many women crazy. That is why many women become incredibly sensitive during their period and it is because they have to endure the pain not only for several hours but for several days. The pain that women feel during period feels like cramp. So, what is actually the period pain and what is the medication for period pain? Below are the explanations.

1. What is Period Pain?

what is Period Pain
Medically, period pain or period cramp can be defined as the cramping pain occurs in the lower section of the stomach. This kind of pain can happen before and during the menstruation. For some women, the pain is not severe so that they can deal with it easily. However, for many women, the pain they feel in their stomach during their period is killing them. This condition, however, is actually normal and happens to any women across the world. This condition cannot lead to serious conditions as well. However, if the pain you feel during period is really bad, you need to know the medication like below.

2. The Medication

Medication pain
There is no medication for period pain, actually. However, there are always pain relievers for the pain. Before taking the pain relievers, it is better to take the home remedies first. The home remedies for BV that we can take to ease the pain during menstruation. One of the easiest ways to ease the pain is by applying heat to your lower stomach area. The heat will ease the pain and make you feel comfortable. To do that, you can simply apply hot patch to your lower stomach. Beside applying heat, you can also soothe the pain by consuming warm food or beverage such as hot chicken soup or hot ginger tea.

If those methods do not work, you need to take the pain relievers and one of them is ibuprofen. This can be found in medicine such as Motrin IB and Advil. Beside of that, you can also take Aleve because it has naproxen sodium that can ease the pain of menstruation. You can take them before your period start to prevent the bad cramping pain during the period. However, for safer usage, it is better to consult to doctor first before taking those pain relievers as your medication for period pain.

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