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5 Sun Protection Tips for Healthy Skin

It’s a well-known fact that the sun can do a lot of good. Sun exposure lowers blood pressure, improves bone health, sleep quality, brain function and can also help to ease mild depression. While the right balance of exposure can have a lot of benefits, there is a downside to it as well. Sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots and in worst cases even lead to skin cancer.

Sun exposure is considered to be one of the main reasons for premature aging. But through protective creams and lotions, you don’t have to succumb to the damaging rays. Even, if you haven’t been protecting your skin in the past, it’s never too late to start.

Keep these tips in mind to protect your skin from the sun.

  1.    Choose a broad spectrum cream

Two types of UV lights can harm your skin –UVA and UVB. UVA rays cause your skin to age quickly, and UVB rays burn your skin. Too much exposure to both the rays can cause skin cancer. So the SPF factor will rate how well the cream will protect your skin from harmful rays. For instance, if you use a sunscreen of SPF 15, it means that you can be safe in the sun for a minimum of 2 hours. Also, if you’re in the pool or sweat often get the right sunscreen accordingly. According to WebMd, SPF 15 can filter 93% of the UVB rays and SPF 30 can filter 97% of the UVB rays.

  1.    Application

Most of us need one ounce of sunscreen to protect the exposed areas of our bodies adequately. So use a generous amount and rub the sunscreen thoroughly on your skin. Remember to apply it to your ears, neck, eyes, and feet. Also use an SPF added lip balm to protect your lips. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours after swimming, excessive sweating and if you’ve indulged in outdoor activities.

  1.    Apply it with makeup

You might use products from foundations to moisturizers in your routine. So it will be tempting to skip sunscreen as some of the products you use may contain SPF. But, you should not avoid it as you won’t get enough protection from such products. Apply sunscreen on your face after you have applied a serum and moisturizer. Check out this list of top 5 vitamin c serum of 2016 for pointers on choosing the right serum for your skin.

Wait for 10 minutes before you use makeup. Do visit to get more advice on skincare.

  1.   Protection for your scalp

Most people are so focused on protecting their skin that they forget about the scalp area. Shielding your scalp with an umbrella or a hat won’t do. Combine 1 tablespoon of SPF lotion or cream into half cup of water and stir well until the cream is dissolved. Pour the contents into a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair and scalp 30 minutes before you go outside. This procedure will protect you from scalp burn.

  1.     Food

Apart from applying creams, certain foods will help to guard your skin against damaging sun rays. Even though fruits and vegetables cannot be substituted for a sun block, having healthy food can protect your skin from within. Have citrus fruits, green tea, carrots, nuts, and green leafy vegetables all of which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals which can provide inner protection.

Also, check out this infographic to know about the importance of vitamins for healthy skin.


Other tips

  •   Always get a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 or higher.
  •    If possible avoid going out between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. as the sun rays are strongest during those hours
  •    Apply sunscreen half an hour before going outside
  •    Toss out expired sunscreen
  •    Protect babies by keeping them out of sun altogether during the peak hours
  •    Encourage your kids to put on sunscreen designed for their skin
  •    Wear sunglasses as UV radiations can damage your eyes and may also lead to cataracts
  •    Tanning booths or beds emit large doses of radiation. Avoid them and use tan-building lotions to get the tan you want.
  •  If you have to be outside during the sunny hours, wear loose-fitting long-sleeved shirts and pants. Also, keep in mind that dark-colored clothing offers more protection than light-colored ones.


Excess sun exposure is linked to skin cancer, and you have to avoid staying outside without sunscreen. If you’re going to be outside for longer than 15 minutes, you must definitely use sunscreen. Your skin is exposed to UV radiations the moment you go outside. So whether you’re on vacation or going for a casual walk on cloudy days remember to use sunscreen.

Author Bio:-

Hello, Sarah, here from! I have a lot of experience with skin health and have written several articles that have been published. FixYourSkin has a lot of tips, health advice and DIY recipes which can give you great looking skin without any side effects!

How to prepare your pool for the winter

Preparing your pool for the winter is as important as preparing it for the summer. Have in mind that most of the issues happen during the off-season. During this time, your pipes are likely to burst, there may be some issues with heaters or microorganism may start accumulating. This is why you have to take precautionary measures and protect it from elements.

Here are some tips that will help you do it.

  1. Clean your pool

Even though this seems like unnecessary step (given that the season is over) there is a good logic behind it. There will always be some remaining debris or insects in the pool. Instead of waiting for the next spring when the filth sets in, take it out immediately and reduce future work.

  1. Regulating the water chemistry

This is something that needs to be controlled both during the winter and during the summer. By regulating chemical properties of the water, you are able to protect the pool from corrosion. Besides that, it is also a great way to deal with scale buildup. Naturally, you can purchase various devices and testers that will help you during the process.

  1. Dealing with chemicals

During the summer season, you use various chemical products that help you eliminate microorganisms, such as chlorine. Now, at the end of the season, all of them need to be flushed out. These products can have a very negative impact on your equipment. Instead, you should use winterizing chemicals that will protect your pool during the off season. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using them, similarly to any other chemicals.

  1. Clean the filter

When the season is over, make sure to thoroughly clean your filter. Cartridges need to be pulled out and either rinsed with water or backwashed. There shouldn’t be anything in them. Simply put, filter needs to be as clean as it was when you first bought it.

  1. Take care of your pipes

Pipes should receive the same treatment as the filter. The biggest enemy of the pipes is water. During the winter, when temperature falls below zero, all the water within them will turn into ice. As a result, they will be severely damaged. If you have anything else within them, such as dirt or debris, it also should be flushed.

  1. Take care of your pump and heater

First thing that you have to do is to disconnect pump and filter. There shouldn’t be any water within the pump. Sometimes, water may be stuck due to the drain plugs. Make sure to remove them. After that, you can turn it on in order to flush any water that remained. Similar goes for heather. It also should be completely drained and devoid of water. Like with the rest of the equipment, water within heater may freeze leading to damage.

  1. Use a floating device

Floating devices are a very important for preservation of your pool. They work in unison with a pool cover. When rainwater and ice start accumulating on top of your pool cover, floating device helps balance it. This helps reduce pressure on the pool walls as the water and ice go towards the device.

  1. Use a winter cover

After you have done everything else, removed all the equipment, cleaned it and drained it, it is time to put a winter cover. This item has a two-fold function: it protects the pool from water and it prevents people from falling into the pool. Naturally, this cover has to be completely intact. Any type of hole can be disastrous as it allows passage of ice and snow. The cover needs to be stretched properly. You have to ensure that water cannot reach the pool.

  1. Store your equipment

Everything that was removed from the pool needs to be stored in a safe and clean place. Even though pool chemicals are often put in the same place as the rest of the pool equipment, make sure that they do not come into contact with anything humid.

Although this preparation can be very tedious, it is a necessary thing for protection of your pool. Here is a definitive guide on how to clean your pool. You need to put a same amount of effort when preparing the pool for winter as you did when you prepared it for summer. This way, you will save a lot of money in the long run as you preserve your pool.

Short bio: Nick Stoyanov is a pool maintenance expert at 4 Pumps Pty Ltd (4 Pumps) is Australia’s largest online pump store. 4 Pumps is an Australian company that focuses on the national distribution of its comprehensive range of quality pumping products.

How to Get Your Woman Curves Back

Keeping the ideal weight is difficult.  As a woman you know that being too skinny is very unhealthy as well as not appealing.  But you don’t want to start eating more and gain weight on your waist and thighs right? So how do you gain weight in the “right” places?

Who Am I

Well, first of let me tell you a little about me. I have a background in women’s fitness.  I have worked with women on helping them get rid of excess belly fat as well as eating the right foods.

My wife has also been trying to lose weight but maintain her figure recently.  So we decided to work together and figure out exactly what foods she needs to eat (and what foods she needs to avoid) as well as what exercises she needs to do to achieve her goal.

More of the Same

And now you want to know what those steps are right? Well here it is: Eat good foods, do exercise. I know I know, it’s the same old thing everyone has been telling you right?  But it’s really the truth.  We didn’t discover any magical new method for being healthy.

But that really isn’t fair, I know.  You need to know exactly what exercises to do and what foods to eat.  Those specifics can make a huge difference.  Also, you need to test. Not everyone’s body reacts the same to the same exercises.  Also different foods sometimes make a big difference on where your body will store the fat.

The Specific Stuff

Ok so now let’s jump into some of the research we found.  Below are three resources that will help you:

This article gives you 6 steps on how to gain weight in the right places.  If you are struggling with weight gain then you can learn a lot here. Below is a summary:

Eat lean proteins such as chicken and turkey. Replace your calories from saturated fats with healthy fats such as avocados and egg yolks. Do resistance training and drink a protein shake after exercise. Get enough sleep (at least 7 to 8 hours).

This article shows a few tips on how to increase your breast size.  These are exercises.

Bellow is a summary:


Do short reps of pushups everyday. Do the overhead press with light dumbbells and short reps. Do the fly lift with light dumbbells.  Do the wall press.

This infographic is a compilation of a few resources meant to be a quick and easy way to remember all the steps to follow.  It covers 4 exercises to do as well as 4 changes to your diet.


Following these diets and exercises has really helped my wife.  After the first couple weeks she felt much better.  It took about 3 more weeks to start seeing the difference.  After working with a few other women I know that some take more time but many can start to see an improvement within the first couple weeks.

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